From Ann P:  My young on with severe dyslexia had few successes and real frustration in most formal learning situations.  When he wanted to learn guitar, we were hopeful but hesitant of another source of frustration for him.                              

Mr. Foley began teaching him with a traditional approach, but shortly after observing my son's difficulty, he intuitively changed his course of teaching to meet his needs.  Not long after, my son was thriving and making music!  I highly recommend Mr. Foley and his method for the learning challenged.

From Teresa A:  It isn't often that you find a teacher who can truly bring out the best in your child, who can see beyond labels and limitations, and see your child's potential.  Mr. Dennis is just such a teacher.  We have been so fortunate to have "Mr. Dennis" teach guitar to our dyslexic son.


Through humor, patience and kindness, "Mr. Dennis" has not only successfully taught our son music, he has helped our son gain confidence, that has blossomed into greater brain organization and true musicality, a skill he can take with him throughout his lifetime.