• Learning to play guitar is "hands-on" learning.  The guitar is an ideal instrument because of its repeating patterns of scales, spacing of intervals, and structure of chords on the neck of the guitar.  

  • Over the years I have developed many innovative "out of the box", non-traditional methods of teaching guitar.                                                                                                        
  • I have authored a beginner/intermediate rhythm guitar method on video, which clearly and logically demonstrates many of my innovative methods.                                                      ‚Äč
  • Some learning disabled students can learn to read music, but it is not a necessary skill to becoming a competent guitarist, nor is it a point of emphasis in my teaching.  My students learn the physics of the guitar itself, and how it works to produce sound.  They also learn by logically understanding the building blocks of music: scales, intervals and chords, and how they work.  They also learn to "play by ear", by interpreting the music they hear and being able to find it on the guitar.